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Our inspiring mom

Robin Conrad is a strong woman who took charge of her life.

After twenty years as a devoted wife and mother, raising two daughters into adulthood, she decided it was time to have her own adventures. She began running 5k races. She studied Italian. She ate sushi for the first time. She traveled to Europe.

Then, in 2009, Robin was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Rather than endure chemotherapy and live the rest of her life with the threat of the cancer returning, she made a difficult decision: to have all breast tissue removed in a double mastectomy.

It is because of early detection that I believe my mom is now cancer-free. Our hope with Joe Cans is to help more and more women become survivors so no one has to wonder, “What if she had caught it earlier?”. I can’t imagine where I would be today if my mother’s diagnosis had been different. She is my best friend.
-Kelly Hendricks, Joe Cans Co-Owner

Mom, we hope you know how how brave we think you are and how much your family loves you.

-Kelly & Kristy, daughters

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